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How To Achieve The Perfect Lawn: 5 Tips and Tricks From Lawn Care Experts

Do you struggle to keep your lawn healthy and luscious? Not sure where to start when it comes to nutrients, soil health, and getting rid of pests?

If you're hoping for greener grass all year round, here are five of the top tips from turf and lawn experts that can help you achieve the perfect lawn!

Complete a Full Spring Clean Up

Complete a Full Spring Clean Up

One of the first things you need to do this year to get a healthy lawn is a spring clean up. A good spring clean up starts with clearing out the area. This means removing debris, garbage, pet feces, and leaves from the lawn so that you can treat the area without things getting in the way. 

Depending on the location of your property, you also may have large piles of leaves that were left behind under the snow. Remove these with a rake before the start of the growing season so that you don't ruin your lawn. 

While you clear out your lawn, you may also want to start some weed control while you're at it. This also can be a great time to get ahead of insect pests by using natural pesticides or herbicides that can help protect your flowers and plants.

Lay Grass Seed and Aerate the Lawn

Lay Grass Seed and Aerate The Lawn

Once the lawn is cleared out, you're ready to fix any damage. Especially if your lawn has bare patches or tough spots that could do with some extra care and attention, laying grass seed can help improve the look and health of your lawn. 

Understanding your soil health, grass type, and what grass varieties are recommended for your property or location can help you grow and maintain a healthy lawn. 

If you do choose to plant your new lawn in the spring, you should begin the process as soon as your soil is dry enough to work with, usually around mid-April to mid-May. Starting around this time will give your new grass time to develop deep roots before the hot, summer weather sets in.

After you lay your seed, you need to remember to aerate the compacted soil in the yard. It's best to aerate your grass with a garden fork or aerating tool during or right before the time your new grass has reached its peak time for natural growth. Aeration is good for lawns, but it can stress grass if done at the wrong time. 

For cool-season grasses common in northern zones, early fall or early spring are the best times for aerating the yard. 

On the other hand, warm-season grasses benefit from being aerated in the late spring or very early summer. 

Fertilize and Feed Your Lawn

Fertilize and Feed Your Lawn

Just as we need food and water to be healthy and grow, so does your grass. Watering and feeding grasses are one of the most important tips for healthy soil and grass growth. 

While many homeowners rely on rain to water the lawn, you may consider implementing a regular watering schedule, particularly during hot spells. 

However, you should avoid using too much water on your lawn, especially with clay soils, as this can drown the grass and lead to yard issues. 

Additionally, you should feed your grass regularly with fertilizer or compost. 

One cheap and effective food is to mulch your grass clippings as they actually contain organic matter that can provide nutrients to your turf.

Mow Regularly and At The Right Height

Mow Regularly and at the Right Height

Once your sod has started to grow steadily during the spring and summer, you should be mowing lawns regularly. While mowing the backyard can be a time consuming chore, this task can improve the health of your yard. 

Along with mowing regularly, you should mow with the mower blade at the right height as you want to find a balance between grass that is too short or too long. Different grass types have different recommended lengths. 

However, there is a general rule that applies to setting your mower blades and cutting the grass at the right length. This rule states that you should not be cutting more than one third of your grass blade away during a lawn mowing.

Tend To Your Garden Regularly

Tend To Your Garden Regularly

Finally, the best lawn care tip is to tend to your lawns regularly. Regular care like watering, feeding with fertilizer and nutrients, removing pests, rotating your mowing pattern, and keeping your edges neat can all maintain green grass, rich soil, and strong roots. 

While lawn care can be a time-consuming chore that covers multiple seasons, regular maintenance can mean less work in the long run, as you won’t have to repair your lawn.

Let Us Help You: Riverwood Landscape Kitchener

Using these lawn care tips can help you grow sod that is healthy and green. If these tasks sound like a bit too much for your schedule, why don't you bring in an expert?

Riverwood Landscape Kitchener is a full-service company taking great pride in giving Canadian commercial and residential clients a high-calibre lawn treatment that will always leave an impression. Contact us today to see how we can care for your lawn.


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