French Drain Kitchener

If the water cannot drain away from your yard or your property frequently gets soggy after heavy rains, a French drain can be installed to help redirect rainwater to another area. Drainage problems may not appear serious; however, standing water can cause considerable damage in your yard, killing plants and making your outdoor space unserviceable.
Effective drainage system protects your lawn & home

Effective Yard Drainage Solutions

A French drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from any area on your property. It is a water drainage system that is highly impactful for homes. French Drains are operated to draw pooling water out of your yard. Water pooling is damaging, particularly when it makes its way to your home's foundation or basement. French drains, sump pumps, and some light grading can make your yard functional and beautiful again.

Based on your location, we can redirect the water to:

  • A dry well
  • The street
  • A drainage ditch
  • Low-lying zones of your property

This is a remarkably simple yet effective landscape drainage solution. But it will be best if you hire professional landscapers for the installation. At Riverwood Landscape of Kitchener, our waterproofing contractors can assess your property and decide if a French drainage system is suitable. Our French drain installation is cost-effective and can keep your property exuding your standards.

Trench filled with gravel or rock containing a perforated pipe

Benefits of French Drain

There are various benefits to this sort of drain system that homeowners must consider.

  • Minimizes toxic rainwater runoff
  • Prevention of standing water
  • Avoid water damage and foundation cracks
  • Simplified lawn care
  • Erosion control
  • Practicality combined with aesthetics

French Drain Installation Services In Kitchener

Installing a French drain needs a broad range of skills. It is a multiphase process that involves digging, trenching, and accurate installation. A French drain installation must have gravel, water-permeable landscape fabric, and perforated drain pipes. They should be appropriately placed to divert water away from your property.
The installation of french drains can be done in two methods:
The man stepping on the white pipe and the other man helding the pipe for French drain kitchener, ON


They are buried under the landscaping around your house.
The two black pipes are placed in the pit for French drain in kitchener


They are installed around the perimeter of the basement floor.

If you connect the drains in an area without an available pipe system, replace the sewer line to have a level surface for the new drains to introduce.

At Riverwood Landscape of Kitchener, we have qualified staff who have embarked on immense drainage design and installation training. They’ve been constructing dependable French drains and other drainage systems for homes and commercial properties across Ontario. They can quickly diagnose problems and determine whether the French drain installation is necessary or whether a sump pump might be required.

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Drainage System Alternatives

Comparisons to Other Drainage Systems

Sump Pump
One of the biggest advantages of a French drain installation over using sump pumps is that French drains don't require power to work. If there is a storm with a power outage, sump pumps won't work. Also, sump pumps can be expensive to install and maintain, while French drains are cost-effective to install and are long lasting, so you will likely not need to rely on plumbing services as much.
Trench Drain
The difference between a French drain and a trench drain is that French drains clear groundwater while a trench drain only handles excess surface water.
Our Experts Can Advise and Guide on Your Drainage Needs
Affordable French Drain Installation Near You

Take action immediately if you have noticed a drainage problem in your yard, like clogged drains or soggy ground.

Riverwood Landscape of Kitchener has been in the landscaping industry for years. We take pride in our proficiency and thoroughness and work hard to provide the best quality work to our customers. Our team will develop clear plans for the proper installation of French drains. And we design these landscape drainage systems to match your property's layout with your detailed requirements and budget in mind.

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Three different orange pipe sizes
You May Hear a Variety of Different Names
Is a French Drain the Same as Weeping Tile?
Named after Henry French, a farmer who promoted them in his book, French drains are also known as weeping tiles. You may also hear them referred to as trench or filter drains, rock drains, drain tiles, perimeter drains, French ditches, sub-surface drains, and sub-soil drains, and more.
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Will I Need Any Other Drainage Solutions?

Installing a French drain is great for redirecting water away from your home; they do an excellent job of reducing drainage issues. They are sometimes used with sump pumps, although they don't need to be.
Our consultations with you will ensure your concerns and questions are addressed, and we will ensure that our solutions fully meet your needs.
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