Fall Cleanup Kitchener

When you need a fall cleanup service in Kitchener or other surrounding areas, Riverwood Landscape of Kitchener is here to help. We deliver the kind of service you can expect to be thorough and detailed. If quality service is vital, contact us for a free estimate.

Riverwood Landscape of Kitchener Offers Professional Fall Cleanups for Residential and Commercial Clients

Fall is a natural time to get down to lawn care since maintaining your lawn and garden can help provide a good head start for the next spring.

At Riverwood Landscape of Kitchener, we can remove leaves, debris, and garbage from your property, making the yard clean. We clear away these items so that your flower beds, lawn, and vegetation can access the nutrients. We can even suggest the best time to start seasonal plants, trees, and flowers. We know how backbreaking the chore can be, so we spare you that obligation.

Leaves fall in a landscape of a big gray house

Our Fall Cleanup Service Includes:

Leaf Removal Riverwood Landscape disposes of all the fallen leaves around the lawns with a leaf blower, then we rake them into a heap and use it as your soil amendment or mulch.

Clean Up Garden Beds We check for weeds and infected and pest-infested plants in your bed and pluck them out. We also fertilize your garden bed and add compost.

Clearing Drainage Areas Fall leaves can also create ice dams when the snow begins and clog gutters. We clear away those leaves and other debris, so there's no damage to equipment or plants.

Waste Removal If you have a pile of trash bags waiting to be disposed of? Our professional landscapers will guarantee nothing is left behind. We move all waste away with us.

Other Services

  • Lawn mowing
  • Shrubs and trees pruning
  • Deadheading of any perennial flowers
  • Applying fresh mulch
  • Soil aeration on compacted soils
  • Property maintenance

Benefits Of Fall Cleanup Services

Fall cleanup services are for more than simply aesthetic purposes - they can offer countless benefits when you do them accurately. It also prepares your lawn for the expected cooler months and supplies the essentials to grow back healthy and robust in spring.

  • Filling in bald spots in your lawn
  • Prevent snow rot or destroying your grass beneath fallen leaves
  • Avoid fallen branches due to the weight of snow without sacrificing spring blooms
  • Allow nutrients to nurture the soil longer with fresh mulch
  • Shrub and tree trimming may prevent breakage during the winter months
  • Eradicate pests, diseases, and unwanted critters from your yard and keep it safe
  • Dethatching your lawn while sustaining root systems and preventing soil erosion
  • Restores your lawn to its luscious appearance
Different color of maple leaves

Ready For Your Fall Clean-Up This Season?

As the seasons change and winter approaches, now is the time to start prepping for a fall property cleanup. Without fall lawn care, you leave your yard susceptible to damage, excess waste, and much to do when spring arrives. At Riverwood Landscape of Kitchener, we'll take care of everything you need to prepare your lawn!

We offer a wide array of Spring & Fall cleanup services to keep your property in its best condition throughout the year. Serving Kitchener and the nearby area in Ontario.

Beautiful autumn leaves on top of the roof
Fallen leaves during the fall cleanup kitchener, ON
Fallen leaves from the maple tree in a front of the house
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